• How We Serve Erie County
    Jul 22, 2013

    How are we serving all the citizens of Erie County?

    Even if you don’t live in a town where the Sheriff's Office is your primary police agency you will find Deputies providing a variety of police services to all municipalities in the county.  They can assist your police departments through specialized support in a variety of emergency situations. 

    The Erie County Sheriff’s Office has the only Type I SWAT Team and Bomb Squad in the Western New York region.  This classification is earned through the teams being equipped and trained in a wide variety of specialties in these two arenas.  Ranging from hostage rescue to high-risk warrant service the SWAT team is ready to be anywhere in the county in a short time.  The SWAT Team is equipped to handle multiple incidents at any given time.  They also provide assistance and work hand-in-hand to augment SWAT teams from other agencies in the county.  The Bomb Squad is equipped to handle a multitude of critical incidents from Large Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices to ordnance disposal.  The Bomb Squad also provides fireworks destruction services for all police agencies in the county in accordance with the ATF directives so safe destruction. 

    The Sheriff’s Special Services division also has a marine unit to patrol the more than 90 miles of coastline and the waters Lake Erie and the Niagara River. The Underwater Recovery Team can  provide search and rescue capabilities as well recovery operations in all the different waterways throughout the county.   The Snowmobile unit is always ready to provide patrol and rescue services on the miles and miles of trails winding throughout the county to ensure the Western New York winter outdoor activities are both fun and safe.

    The Arson Investigation unit responds around the clock as requested by your local Fire Chiefs to provide investigative services to determine the cause of fires around the county not just our patrol areas.  In every municipality throughout Erie County you will find deputies working in the Family Court Warrants and Child Support Enforcement Unit.  They serve Orders of Protection and execute criminal warrants, Family Court Warrants, welfare warrants and Buffalo Housing Warrants.  The unit also serves summonses for the Department of Social Services and Erie County Family Court.  Last year they served over 1,000 warrants, almost 3,000 summonses and over 300 Orders of Protection.

    Last but certainly not least the Aviation unit that deploys Erie County’s Air 1.  Air 1 is an American Eurocopter helicopter that the Sheriff’s office has used countless times to extend the rescue and surveillance capabilities of the deputies.  The exceptional airmanship of the pilots has put Air 1 and her crew in the national spotlight with rescue operations in Niagara Falls.

    So as you can see the men and women who make up the Erie County Sheriff’s Police Benevolent Association are serving all over the county even in areas where you may not have known about. 

    In addition to the above listed support for all municipalities the Erie County Sheriff’s are the primary police agency for more than half the county. Covering areas totaling up to over 645 square miles the Deputies have a lot of ground to cover.  To put it into perspective that is more than half of all the land in the county. 

    Sheriff’s Patrol areas are divided into districts and they are as follows.

    District 1 – Town of Grand Island

    (33.3 Sq miles)

                Substation Address:  1856 Whitehaven Rd,

                                                   Grand Island NY 14072

    Sheriff’s Non-Emergency Dispatch:  (716) 858-2903

    Emergency:  911

    District 2 –   Town and Village of Alden

                            Village of Akron

                            Town of Clarence

                            Town of Newstead

                            (141.5 Sq miles)

    Substation 2 West: 

                               6185 Goodrich Rd,

                                   Clarence Center NY 14032

    Sheriff’s Non-Emergency Dispatch:  (716) 858-2903

    Emergency:  911

    Substation 2 East:

                                 3311 Wende Rd

                                 Alden NY 14004 (located in Alden Town Hall)

    Sheriff’s Non-Emergency Dispatch:  (716) 858-2903

    Emergency:  911

    District 3 -   Town of Elma

                            Town of Marilla

                            Town of Wales

                            (97.7 Sq miles)


                        1600 Bowen Rd

                        Elma NY 14059 (located in Elma Town Hall)

    Sheriff’s Non-Emergency Dispatch:  (716) 858-2903

    Emergency:  911

    District 4 -   Town of Boston

                            Town of Colden

                            Town of Concord

                            Town of Holland

                            Town of Sardinia

                            (227.8 Sq miles)


                      8812 State Rd (Route 240)

                      Colden NY 14033 (located in Colden Town Hall)

    Sheriff’s Non-Emergency Dispatch:  (716) 858-2903

    Emergency:  911

    District 5 –   Seneca Nation of Indians

    Town of Brant

                            Town of Collins

                            Town and Village of North Collins

                            (141.7 Sq miles)


                      10571 Main St (Route 62)

                      North Collins NY 14111 (located in North Collins Town Hall)

    Sheriff’s Non-Emergency Dispatch:  (716) 858-2903

    Emergency:  911

    District 7 -   Village of Springville

                            (3.7 Sq miles)


                       65 Franklin St

                       Springville NY 14141 (located in Springville Fire Department)

    Sheriff’s Non-Emergency Dispatch:  (716) 858-2903

    Emergency:  911

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